Sep 10, 2011

Summer Is Fading...

 This weekend we've made room for some new goodies in the shop, plus we have added a gaggle of house plants to the Lucky Day family to make it feel extra cozy. Be sure to stop in & check out our end of the season finds!! 

images: 1) an awesome globe style hanging light, brass $135. 2) a sweet new succulent/ house plant/ Lucky Day mascot in a terra cotta pot with a brilliant Blue Willow plate/ turned plant saucer 3) vintage milkglass candlestick holders with painted black details, very unique $42/ pair 4) please sign our guestbook! we will be sending out fliers for our Oct. sale next week. 5) sweeet refurbished chair #5 & burlap seat. great find. $85

We look forward to seeing ya'll!!

-Lucky Day Merchants

Jul 5, 2011

Brilliant Blue Willow

 Lucky Day Emporium recently acquired an entire collection of Blue Willow china. The collection is an eclectic mix of antique & vintage pieces. Some of our personal favorites are the diner-ware divided plates & mugs!!

Jun 29, 2011

June Favorites

We hope to see you here at Lucky Day this SUMMER. You are always welcome to come on in & cool off!!

May 5, 2011

Welcome to the Garden Dept...

 The front room of Lucky Day is newly renovated, as our Garden Department! We have lots of vintage pottery, old iron works, salvaged architectural pieces, and outdoor furnishings... come in and find just the right treasures to liven up your outdoor living space!!

-Lucky Day Merchants

May 4, 2011

Apr 5, 2011

Spring Delivery...

Lucky Day has brought to you, some fabulous "new" finds!! We have painted-owl bookends, a shabby white jam cupboard, a blanket chest, an antique pulpit, a very old iron bankers chair, old windows and shutters, a spring green accent/side table, and SO much more...
The store is changing quickly- don't miss any of our newest treasures!!

- Lucky Day Merchants

Mar 29, 2011

March Craft Night

goodies, and our original LUCKY DAY topper atop a coconut cake

What a great night! Thank you to all of our crafters for being a part of our very first Lucky Day Craft-Nite. We hope you will join us again. We had so many incredible toppers leave here last Tuesday evening, we were sad to see them go!! 

This was such a fun and simple project, and a great way to re purpose vintage figurines. Occupied Japan porcelain or ceramic figurines can be found by the dozen at yard sales and flea markets. From time to time we will buy one if it's endearing enough, and after time they began to accumulate on our shelves. Until Haylie came up with this craft, we didn't know what to do with them. Now they have a new, fun purpose. A birthday cake, a baby shower, holidays- these toppers make an excellent gift for a special occasion and even better- they can be reused as a token of tradition if you slip a piece of wax paper underneathe to protect it from the frosting of a cake.

We tried getting pictures of all 11 toppers, but it seems we missed a few- if you have pics, please share with us @

-Lucky Day Merchants
Made by Kathy Mithaug
Made by Nanette Wojdyla
Haylie Bird teaching class
Made by Susie Tate Morris of Yellow Fin Realty
Made by Sally
Made by Gracie (our youngest crafter had LOTS of talent!!)

Mar 17, 2011

Birds of Prey

These bird prints hung along a stairwell in this months House Beautiful reminded us of the great prints (top photo) that we picked up  this weekend in Sarasota... for $18 a piece, you could start your very own Birds of Prey collection.

- Lucky Day Merchants

Mar 15, 2011

Ideas for Craft Night 3/22 7PM...

This is a topper Haylie made for a friends wedding cake... The options are endless when it comes to making  a cake-topper. They make great gifts for up coming birthdays, weddings, births, & holidays. Lucky Day Emporium will provide the glitter, the buttons, the flowers, and other extras. All you need is a figurine or a SALT/PEPPER that has lost it's mate. Lucky Day will also have an assortment of such figurines for sale, the night of March 22nd. To reserve your seat please call with C.Card  info or come into the shop with payment! Go here for more details. 

-Lucky Day Merchants

Mar 11, 2011

History Lessons:

We LOVE this new section in LONNYMag, called A History of Style. An illustrated guide to "the history of furniture design, one style at a time."  

Also, this Kansas City home (below), is making our lucky-hearts go pitter-pat! Splendor In the Grass, indeed.

Mar 6, 2011

Come Craft with Us...

Join us, March 22nd for an evening of creative fun! $18/ per covers most supplies & the class will be lead by Haylie Bird. There will be snacks and beverage provided for the crafters. HURRY, there are ONLY 12 OPENINGS available!!! Call or come in with payment to reserve a seat... 813.681.3414

We look forward to crafting with you!!

-Lucky Day Merchants

Feb 24, 2011

Kodawood Barstools

We are loving this set of 3 Kodawood barstools that we added to the floor this weekend. They have beautiful turquoise vinyl seats and are all three in MINT condition. We love this splash of mid-century in our typically distressed & refurbished setting! Stop in soon to see what other goodies have surfaced here in the shop...

- Lucky Day Merchants

Feb 10, 2011


Lucky Day has just the thing for your old-school sweetie! We are closed SUNDAY & MONDAY, so hurry in before the end of SATURDAY and get your goodies <3

Feb 4, 2011

Tiny Paintings

How sweet are these tiny paintings we picked up at a flea market last week... painted by May Wiskow, these quirky little scenes resemble beautiful New England and they make great little gifts or package toppers! Stop in soon to see all 8 designs.

- Lucky Day Merchants

Feb 3, 2011

This Cool Weaving Thing...

I purchased this two-piece set yesterday without knowing exactly what it was... As a former student of textile design and weaving 101, I did know two things: that it was some sort of a shuttle with it's track and I was pretty certain that it was meant for weaving something rather small (since it's track is about 6 inches long). With this info & a little help from Google, I was rather pleased to discover that this here was a shuttle & track used to weave clothing labels! It is marked R. G. Pratt Worcester, Massachusetts and it retails here at Lucky Day for $20. I can't wait for this little guy to make someone-else's day!! 

Be sure to stop in and check out the rest of our latest finds! There are SO many more.

- Haylie
Lucky Day Emporium Shop Girl

Jan 26, 2011

Steamer Trunk China Closet

A grand idea for big city/ small apt. living (if I was still living in my tiny Brooklyn aptartment, I would have just the place for this)! This old steamer trunk traveled all the way from Maine to Florida this Fall, to be presented at Lucky Day Emporium. The interior paper-lining boasts a beautiful blue and gold fleur de lis pattern. The trunk has all 4 original drawers and a one wooden hanger. Handles and locks are all intact.

Jan 16, 2011

Giddy For Spring...

I know it seems early to be thinking of Spring, but if you are a Floridian then you may know that Spring happens a little sooner for us than it does for the rest of the country. So, I think it's best that we are prepared for the green days lurking around the corner! Over the next several weeks, Lucky Day Emporium will slowly but surely be welcoming SPRING 2011. 

Go here to read about the flower frog project that Haylie, Lucky Day shop-girl, has contributed to Design*Sponge's DIY section this month... as you can see above- a variety of flower frogs can be found here @ Lucky Day to fill the empty spaces on your walls!

-Lucky Day Emporium Merchants