Feb 3, 2011

This Cool Weaving Thing...

I purchased this two-piece set yesterday without knowing exactly what it was... As a former student of textile design and weaving 101, I did know two things: that it was some sort of a shuttle with it's track and I was pretty certain that it was meant for weaving something rather small (since it's track is about 6 inches long). With this info & a little help from Google, I was rather pleased to discover that this here was a shuttle & track used to weave clothing labels! It is marked R. G. Pratt Worcester, Massachusetts and it retails here at Lucky Day for $20. I can't wait for this little guy to make someone-else's day!! 

Be sure to stop in and check out the rest of our latest finds! There are SO many more.

- Haylie
Lucky Day Emporium Shop Girl

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